Applies ToBlish HUDTacO
Markers, Trails

For this feature to work, the user must have given Blish HUD and the pathing module permission to access the account and progression items with an API key.

If the user does not provide an API key or the user has not consented to the account and progression items, then markers and trails marked with this attribute will not be automatically hidden.


Hides markers and trails based on their associated completion status reported by the web API.

AttributeData TypeExampleDescription
achievementidintegerachievementid="4949"The achievement this marker or trail will hide for when completed.
achievementbitintegerachievementbit="3"The id of the sub item within an achievement this marker or trail will hide for when completed.

Supported values


The achievementid must be a value which matches the Guild Wars 2 Web API achievements endpoint.


Often the harder to find, the achievementbit will represent the index of the associated bit found in, for example, the above explicit achievement under the bits entry.

If an achievement requires you to find 4 items, typically each of those 4 items will receive a bit to indicate it's individual status.

The bits are 0 indexed meaning that they count from 0 onwards so if there are 4 bits in an achievement, they will range from 0 to 3.


Do not trust the order of the Wiki or the in-game achievement UI. This order does not necessarily represent the order provided by the API.

achievementbit is not required and when not specified, the marker or trail will be toggled based exclusively on the status of the parent achievement, itself.


A great way to find achievement IDs and other details is via's achievement search.

Affected by

AutoTriggerIf enabled, the marker will be hidden for the remainder of the session automatically if the user enters the TriggerRange. Enable for achievements which require you to enter an area without needing to directly interact.
TriggerRangeDetermines the range necessary to trigger hiding the marker with the action key (or automatically if autotrigger is enabled).

How it works

Every 5 minutes, a list of the current users achievements are pulled from the API.

  1. If we don't see the indicated achievement in the list we do nothing.
  2. If the achievement itself indicates that it is complete, we hide all markers with the associated achievementid.
  3. If the achievement itself indicates that it is not complete, but indicates that a bit has been completed, we hide all markers with the associated achievementbit.

When a user interacts (usually the F key) with a marker that has an achievementid, we automatically hide it for that session since the Web API has a cache which prevents it from being updated in realtime.