Applies ToBlish HUDTacO


Allows you to set a value to the users clipboard. Good for providing waypoints, build templates, and more.

AttributeData TypeExampleDescription
copyarbitrary textcopy="[&BOAHAAA=]"The text assigned to the clipboard.
copy-messagearbitrary textcopy-message="Jacka Itzel waypoint copied!"The message shown on screen when the copy is activated.

Triggering a copy

When interacted with (typically the F key), a marker with the copy attribute will activate. Certain other attributes (shown below) can modify the default activation behavior.


The distance from a marker in which it can be activated is defined by the triggerrange attribute.


By default, a copy is not activated unless the player press the interact (typically the F key) while within the distance specified by triggerrange. If the autotrigger attribute is set to true, however, a copy will occur when the character enteres the triggerrange automatically.

User Configuration

Users may limit what automatic behaviors they consent to. Regarding the copy attribute, users can select one of three behavior consent levels.

Allow markers to set clipboard...Description
Always (Default)Markers can set the clipboard automatically when in range or when interacted without limitation.
Only When Interacted WithCopy auto trigger is disabled. The copy attribute will only be activated when manually interacted with by the player.
NeverMarkers will be entirely unable to set the clipboard.