Applies ToBlish HUDTacO
Markers, Trails


Hides the marker if the current map is not one of the specified map types.

AttributeData TypeExampleDescription
maptypeCustom String Arrayprofession="instance,public"The map type(s) the marker or trail should be shown while on.

Supported values


Map types can be difficult to predict and don't always match expectations. It is best to check what the map type ID instead of assuming the map type.

unknownAn unknown map type. Used as fallback.
redirectRedirect map type, e.g. when logging in while in a PvP match.
charactercreateCharacter create map type.
pvpPvP map type.
gvgGvG map type. Unused.
instanceInstance map type, e.g. dungeons and story content.
publicPublic map type, e.g. open world.
tournamentTournament map type. Probably unused.
tutorialTutorial map type.
usertournamentUser tournament map type. Probably unused.
centerEternal Battlegrounds (WvW) map type.
eternalbattlegroundsEternal Battlegrounds (WvW) map type.
bluehomeBlue Borderlands (WvW) map type.
blueborderlandsBlue Borderlands (WvW) map type.
greenhomeGreen Borderlands (WvW) map type.
greenborderlandsGreen Borderlands (WvW) map type.
redhomeRed Borderlands (WvW) map type.
redborderlandsRed Borderlands (WvW) map type.
fortunesvaleFortune's Vale. Unused.
jumppuzzleObsidian Sanctum (WvW) map type.
obsidiansanctumObsidian Sanctum (WvW) map type.
edgeofthemistsEdge of the Mists (WvW) map type.
publicminiMini public map type, e.g. Dry Top, the Silverwastes and Mistlock Sanctuary.
wvwloungeWvW lounge map type, e.g. Armistice Bastion.

This attribute supports providing an array of map types (values separated by comma) meaning one or more values can be provided. If the player character is any on any of the provided map types the the marker or trail is shown.

How it works

The mumblelink API provides a value indicating the active map type. This state is updated in realtime.