Applies ToBlish HUDTacO


Allows you to statically rotate a marker instead of it automatically facing the player. Value is in degrees. Rotation is applied first to the x axis, then to y, and finally to z.

AttributeData TypeExampleDescription
rotateArray of floatrotate="90,178,-22.3"Defines rotation on the x, y, and z axis respectively in degrees.
rotate-xfloatrotate-x="90"Defines rotation on the x axis in degrees.
rotate-yfloatrotate-y="178"Defines rotation on the y axis in degrees.
rotate-zfloatrotate-z="-22.3"Defines rotation on the z axis in degrees.
Watch out!

To enable a static rotation of a marker, at least one rotation value (x, y, or z) must be non-zero. Even if defined, if all three values are zero then the attributes will be ignored.