Show & Hide

Applies ToBlish HUDTacO


Allows showing or hiding a specified category when triggered. Similar in behavior to the Toggle attribute.

AttributeData TypeExampleDescription
showcategoryshow="mypack.adventures.tickletrahearne"A category to show when triggered. If the category is already showing, then nothing will happen.
hidecategoryhide="mypack.adventures.tickletrahearne"A category to hide when triggered. If the category is already disabled, then nothing will happen.

Supported value

The value specified should be that of a category's full namespace (the same format used by the [type] attribute). The category does not have to be from the same marker pack which does allow for packs to interact with each other.

Affected by

AutoTriggerIf enabled, the category will be shown or hidden automatically when the user enters within the TriggerRange.
TriggerRangeDetermines the range necessary to trigger hiding or showing with the interaction key (or automatically if AutoTrigger is enabled).

How it works

Unlike other behaviors/filters, these attributes, when triggered, update the user's category preferences. That is to say that a category hidden or shown can be seen reflected in the users category dropdowns and will persist between launches of the overlay.