Managing Your Markers

Blish HUD's Pathing module comes with a number of improvements to better help you manage your Markers.

Simplified Menus

Just like with TacO, left clicking the Pathing module icon will give you the option to toggle your marker categories on and off. To reduce the clutter and to help you see only what's relevant: Blish HUD's Pathing module hide's categories that are irrelevant to your current map. When you switch maps, the list of available categories will update as well.

If for some reason you would like to see all categories, this feature can be toggled on and off:
Pathing Module Settings > Show Categories From All Maps.

Marker Tooltips

Tired of trying to guess what that random marker symbol is trying to represent in TacO? Just mouse over your markers to find out immediately.

Enriched Achievement Support

In marker packs that support achievements (the most popular pack that supports achievements properly is ReActif), Blish HUD can show the achievement description and will also mark out which achievements you've completed.

Lots More

There are many other features you'll find within the Pathing module settings and there are many more features to come!