Blish HUD

A modern Guild Wars 2 overlay with powerful module support.

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Marker and Trails Support

The Pathing module supports displaying TacO format .zip and .taco markers in-game.

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Waypoint and Landmark Lookup

Search for Vistas, Waypoints, Dungeons, and more and quickly copy the chat codes to your clipboard.

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KillProof Integration

A community made module which integrates with in-game.

and more...

For Developers

Blish HUD Module API

Compiled .NET modules to add your own features.

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Focus on Features

We've got the boring overlay stuff like input handling, settings management, API access delegation, and more handled behind the scenes so you can focus on pushing features.

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Fit Right In

Avoid breaking the immersion. We've replicated a number of Guild Wars 2's beautiful UI controls and elements within our custom UI framework so that you don't have to.

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Experience Powerful Tools

Get started quickly with the module template for Visual Studio. Enjoy first-class debugger support when testing modules in Blish HUD. Use the Debug module for additional insight at runtime.

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Publish Your Module

Release your modules through our central repository, making them available to anyone using Blish HUD. Build your modules however you like and PR a new manifest whenever you make a release.

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Enjoy Comprehensive APIs

With access to both the GW2 Web API and MumbleLink backed by the powerful Gw2Sharp .NET library, our own contextualized data, and a pipe of combat data straight from ArcDPS, you'll have everything you need.

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Collaborate on Discord

Join our Discord channel (more than 3,200 users!), contribute to Blish HUD development, get help in developing your modules, and showcase your work to other Blish HUD users.