Blish HUD has thousands upon thousands of users that use us every day which translates to thousands upon thousands of module downloads. It is important to keep those users in mind when publishing changes that may inadvertently affect them. By publishing through the public repo it is expected that you're staying mindful of the recommendations listed in our module citizen guides.

As Blish HUD can be used with any combination of modules, on various systems, with different specs, and other varying factors it's important that modules handle themselves as well as they can. This set of guides provides guidance on how to fit in with other modules, how to effectively utilize certain APIs, be mindful of resource utilization, and more. A guide on how to be an outstanding "module" citizen.

While this guide does not mandate what is prescribes (and there are often exceptions) please use it as a reference on how to ensure our users have the best experience they can while using yours and others' modules. As our cumulative experience grows and APIs are improved, we may also update this guide to better reflect that experience.


If you have questions about certain recommendations, don't hesitate to ask for further guidance in the Discord.