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1. I see the Blish HUD icons on a black background

This is usually due to post-processing effects being applied to Blish HUD by your graphics card drivers.

  1. Open NVIDIA Control Panel.
  2. In the tree view on the left side select 3D Settings > Manage 3D settings.
  3. Under the Program Settings tab in the main panel, select or find Blish HUD in the dropdown.
  4. Ensure that all settings appled to Blish HUD are the default setting.
  5. Apply the changes.

Restarting Blish HUD should remove the black background and allow it to be transparent on top of the game like it is intended.

2. Dragging windows creates a trail behind them

Please ensure you are not running Windows 10 Version 1803. If you are, you likely need to update to a more recent version as there appear to be issues with overlays in this version.

You can check your version of Windows 10:

  1. Press Windows Key + R to open the Run dialog.
  2. Type winver and press Enter.
  3. The resulting dialog will indicate the exact version of Windows you are using.

3. Text and/or textures are blurry

This is a known issue with how we currently handle scaling the UI. Guild Wars 2 allows you to set one of four "UI Size" in the game options which we try to account for and match. Currently, for the highest quality results, ensure this setting is set to Large. We hope to have a better solution for this in the future.

4. Blish HUD does not show while game is set to Fullscreen

In order for us to overlay the game, the game's resolution must be set to Window, Windowed Fullscreen, or a specific resolution. If it is set to just Fullscreen, we are unable to overlay the game.

5. Blish HUD doesn't detect Guild Wars 2 / Running as administrator

When an application is run as an administrator, other applications can not interact with it unless they have also been launched as an administrator. If you start Guild Wars 2 as an administrator, you will have to also start Blish HUD as an administrator.

Under normal circumstances, Blish HUD does not require administrator privileges to work, so running it as an administrator is typically only needed in the above scenario.

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Please be sure to let us know what version of Blish HUD you are using and provide a copy of your logs. Logs can be found in the folder Documents\Guild Wars 2\addons\blishhud\logs.