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Blish HUD does not show on top of the game


Despite running, Blish HUD will not show on top of the game.

Solution 1

Ensure that Guild Wars 2 has DirectX 11 enabled. When DirectX 11 is enabled, Blish HUD can overlay regardless of the selected resolution mode.


To enable DirectX 11, open your in-game graphics settings and uncheck Enable DX9 Rendering (Deprecated) and then restart Guild Wars 2.

Solution 2

If you must have DirectX 9 enabled, ensure that your Display Resolution is listed as Window or Windowed Fullscreen.


If you do not do this, a DirectX 9 application in fullscreen can not be overlayed. It has exclusive rights to the screen. This is not something that can be avoided with our type of overlay as we do not inject into the process.

Solution 3

If you are using a 3rd party launcher such as Gw2Launcher or LaunchBuddy, ensure that you have configured both the launcher and Blish HUD correctly using our multiboxing guide: