Multibox Support

Blish HUD fully supports multiboxing but requires that you configure it properly to ensure that there are no issues.

We recommend that you use Healix's Gw2Launcher for the best experience, but any launcher capable of passing custom launch arguments to Guild Wars 2 can be used by following the same configuration principles.

Gw2Launcher configuration

1. Enable mumble link name

  1. Open Gw2Launcher.
  2. Open the global settings.
  3. Select Guild Wars 2 from the left side and then select Launch options.
  4. Ensure that Mumble link name is checked and set to MumbleLink_%accountid%

2. Auto-launch Blish HUD

  1. In the same settings window, scroll to the bottom and select add program.
  2. Fill in the fields as prescribed in the table below:
Optional name to displayBlish HUDThe name of the application to show.
The program to runc:/Addons/Blish HUD/Blish HUD.exeThe path to the Blish HUD.exe file.
Optional command line arguments--mumble "MumbleLink_%accountid%" --settings "settings\blishhud.%accountid%"Ensures that we use a matching mumble name and that we create a unique settings folder.
Run after...LaunchingBlish HUD can be launched immediately or you can select Loading the game if you prefer
When the game exits...Do nothingIt is important that you configure Blish HUD to close on its own. Do not let your launcher close Blish HUD!

3. Configure Blish HUD to close itself

  1. Open the main Blish HUD window.
  2. Select the settings tab and navigate to Overlay Settings.
  3. Uncheck Minimize to tray when Guild Wars 2 Closes.