ArcDPS Integration

ArcDPS has an API which allows some data to be used outside of ArcDPS itself. This data includes party information, combat data, and other real-time data.

We offer an integration plugin which allows this data to be utilized by modules.


ArcDPS intentionally delays combat data by several seconds, so any modules utilizing this integration will not be able to provide real-time combat data. That is to be expected.

Enabling this integration can be done one of two ways.

Using the Addon Manager

Our integration can be automatically added to your ArcDPS install using GW2-UOAOM. From the list of Add-Ons, ensure that "ArcDPS" and "ArcDPS Blish HUD Integration" are both checked.

Addon-Manager Screenshot


If you have ArcDPS installed manually and wish to install our plugin manually, you can do so by downloading the latest version of the ArcDPS Blish HUD plugin. Extract the arcdps_bhud.dll DLL from the ZIP and place it in the same folder as your ArcDPS dll.

Once done, restart both Guild Wars 2 and Blish HUD to have the integrations now be available to modules that utilize them.