ColorPicker & ColorBox

The ColorPicker control is meant to replicate the color selection controls found under wardrobe dying, guild emblem designing, etc. The ColorPicker control pairs nicely with the ColorBox control.

Standard Usage

var exampleColorBox = new ColorBox() {
// ...
var exampleColorPicker = new ColorPicker() {
// ...
AssociatedColorBox = exampleColorBox

A ColorPicker with AssociatedColorBox will set the assigned ColorBox's color to whatever the picker selects.

Using multiple ColorBox controls

If you have multiple ColorBox controls that you would like to use with a single ColorPicker, reassign the AssociatedColorBox on the ColorPicker to the ColorBox last clicked.

colorBox1.Click += UpdateActiveColorBox;
colorBox2.Click += UpdateActiveColorBox;
colorBox3.Click += UpdateActiveColorBox;
// ...
private void UpdateActiveColorBox(object sender, MouseEventArgs e) {
exampleColorPicker.AssociatedColorBox = (ColorBox) sender;

Adding colors from the API

Colors can be retrieved from the Guild Wars 2 Web API:

var colors = await Gw2ApiManager.Gw2ApiClient.V2.Colors.AllAsync();

And added to the picker:

foreach (var color in colors) {